Fox Plan : Project Management Software


Have a complete planning and a structured organization

The advantages of FoxPlan planning

Organize your whole project as well as the multiple side aspect that contributes to it. Planning your activities in order to anticipate and master your costs. Anticipating the hazard of your project thanks to an integrated tool that boosts your sucess. Manage dependencies between tasks, resource allocation and budget associated thanks to a powerful planning engine.

All types of project

Manage all types of project. It can be:
• strategic 3 year project
• programs that gather a multitude of projects
• 6 months projects
• recuring operational project (ex : maintenance).

Allocate each task to resources. Visualize with the help of a single graph the planning and the resource workload in order to anticipate bottleneck associated with the resource availability. .

A complete task and resource schedule


Task planning

Create a workbreakdown strcuture with phases, tasks and milstones to organise your project.

Manage programs

Gathering a multitude of projects thanks to a program.

Resources allocation

Allocate your resources in percentage of duration or according to a defined fixed workload.

Dependencies between projects

Create a project planning that takes in account the dependencies with other projects.

Project Templates

Create models that will be used by project managers to start projects in accordance with the standards defined in the company.

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