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Do not confuse agility and a lack of visibility : set up a road map !


We must not confuse agility with a lack of visibility. The agile mode is a flexible mode which in the short run enables you to mobilize members of your team in an effective and collaborative mode, in order to associate a product with the business. As a result, agility manages to play with complex business concepts to find and provide appropriate solutions. However, the lack of visibility on the long run can be harmful to the project. Indeed, in this case it only has a part of knowledge concerning the product strategy which must be developed in the long run. The progression of the project rests on these informations.

The lack of visibility of a project is not a synonym of agility. When a project is created, it is important to be able to see what is at stake, the objectives as well as the deadlines. Agile management promotes productivity, visibility and the interactivity between a product owner and the control of management around different stories. This short-term management should not prevent the overall objective which is the finished-product. To face this complex agile management project test, there are some tools that can help you.

Road maps are here to help you have a clear and organized vision in batch or in epics depending on the type of tasks that must be done. This grouping of stories is characterized by short run sprints. Many methods are available to you : kabans and scrums. Although the two methods are different, they both are essential organizational tools that allows for structured work.

Scrums are used to define the quantity of labor ahead and to plan the progress of your project by grouping stories in sprints which takes 1 to 3 weeks altogether. This method allows the project to be separated into series of stories based on the team’s velocity. The unit of measure for each story is points. Kanban on the other side are made of individuals stories gathered in a backlog. Unlike scrums, these points are treated one at a time and is measured by pulled flow. These methods are different but they each has their purpose.

A road map is a complement of these methods used to define an action plan on how a product or solution is going to be built. Product owners use road maps to describe future functionalities of a product and when they update them. When used in agile development, the road map provides crucial context for the daily work of the team.

Road maps will also enable you to anticipate the intervention of external teams. It will allow you to highlight the dependencies between projects at this phase of product realization. An agile project will sometimes even be dependent from a project piloted in a waterfall, it is the case of infrastructure project.

Road maps are strong tools in terms of communication of your operational progression of stories with your team members. It is the ideal communication tool to pilot your project.

FoxPlan established a new hybrid version of its software which allow you to pilot your progression of stories and have a wide overview of your project at the same time. This version is represented by a road map available in your portfolio. This method enables you to have a global management.

FoxPlan a complete enterprise solution

FoxPlan is a major player in the management of business solutions. As a project management solution editor, FoxPlan has invested many hours with its clients to understand and develop a solution that meets their needs. Thanks to active R&D, FoxPlan has developed a solution with a simple and ergonomic interface allowing project managers and scrum masters of various profiles to manage in the same portfolio traditional projects in cascade, in agile mode, simple collaborative tasks. or a mixes. Managing a portfolio of projects has never been so complete and easy as with FoxPlan.
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