Fox Plan : Project Management Software

Project manager business solution


FoxPlan, the performance that serves the challenges of project managers.

A strong project management solution to analyze, pilot, increase and communicate efficiently.

Boost the efficiency of your teams.

With FoxPlan, your team management while setting up your project has never been easier. Thanks to the different types of functionalities that FoxPlan offers to project manager, you will be able to manage more efficiently the multiple aspects of your project.

Enjoy an easier collaoration with your team members.

Your team members don't have to worry about their tasks and dead line. The visualization of them are simplified and the dead lines are clear and up to date.

Manage the availability of your team.

With FoxPlan, the workload of your team members is known by everyone. You know the workload of each on-going project. When a resource is assigned to the project, the team members concerned can view their workload and have a global view of all the projects assigned to them.

Limit risks.

The collaborative mode enables you to exchange with your team members to have a better understanding of the situation and prevent risks to occur in case of delays or unexpected events.

Make your collaborators actors of the projects

FoxPlan offers you a globale vision on every aspect of your project (resources, budget, delays and risks); enabling you to involve your team members and to devide the objectives to acheive between them. Each team member is an active contributor to your project. Keep the control of your project and boost your performance to acheive good results.

Cecile needs a global vision on evry aspect of her project ; it will enable her to involve her team members in it and share objectives. With FoxPlan Cecile keeps control on her project and is able to boost her performance in order to have an optimal result.


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