Fox Plan : Project Management Software


Out-of-the-box project management software

Foxplan is designed so that you can in 1 or 2 clicks have a visual representation of all your projects in all its dimensions, schedule, resources, budget, risk, etc. The project management software becomes an essential companion to promote smooth running of all your collaborative projects.

Project portfolio management

Have a complete portfolio with traditional and agile projects. Discover how FoxPlan can help your company manage the integrality of your business initiatives.

Project portfolio management

Hybrid project portfolio: Agile + Traditional

Project planning

Discover how FoxPlan can help your company plan all your initiatives.

Gantt project management

A complete task and resource schedule

Agile Project

Discover how FoxPlan enables you to go forward with an agile mode

Scrum and kanban projects

Agile project in kanban or scrum mode

Budget And Monitoring

Discover how FoxPlan can help your company master your project's monitoring and budget

Dashboard project data and budget management

A complete structured budget per month

Resource management

Discover how FoxPlan offers you an easier, consolidated and specific vision of your resources.

Workload management at portfolio of resource level

A workload for all resources


Discover how FoxPlan integrates itself with your business ecosystem (Accounting, CRM or RH)

Integration with Jira and CRM

Interfaces with all of your systems


for free in 10’

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