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FoxPlan, the performance that serves the product manager's challenges

A strong solution to garantee the follow-up of agile projects in kanban or scrum mode.

Effectively manage roadmaps

The product manager can manage its product roadmaps on a portfolio level. The deliverables associated with epics are visible and plotted at a good level. Management committees are now easy to organize.

Visualize your team members capacities

With FoxPlan, resource management can be done easily even in agile mode. You will also have the opportunity to manage your resources at the organizational level.

Evaluate potential risks

The risks of agile projects are managed just like traditional projects. The team members will be able at any time during the life of the project to report a risk which will be mitigated and monitored at the portfolio level.

Manage budget

Agile projects uses human and material resources which consume financial resources. A budget can be established to manage various projects. Resource consumption can then be directly accounted.

Arthur is a product manager, with FoxPlan, he manages with an agile mode his roadmap. He has a close-up look on his backlog, the advancement of his assigned tasks and is directly inform of the unfolding of the projet's progression.


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