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FoxPlan, performance challenging CIO

The management of potfolios are optimized. A strong solution to manage project portfolios. Manage a project while mastering every key settings can become a problem. FoxPlan offers to companies to manage projects, starting with the organisation of your project and going through all the key stages to manage it thanks to a dashboard and a solide business inteligence.

Manage the entirety of your projects

FoxPlan, offers you a 360 degree of the entirety of your projects to anticipate, to start and manage it. Thanks to an adapted dashboard to the need of your company, FoxPlan consolidates operational informations to create a synthetic view of your portfolio in real time.

Manage your project budget

FoxPlan enables you to have an up-to-date and precise budget which includes the resource workload as weel as the investment associated to the project. The CIO can rely on a forecast which allows to know if the budget will be kept at the end of the year

Work faster

FoxPlan provides a solution that integrates an agile mode that enable DSI & CIO to work in a rapid and optimal way. This mode has multiple advantages, indeed, its flexibility makes this mode more accessible to various range of projects as well as numerous profils. This agile mode is useful because it promotes exchanges between multiple collaborators, clients, intern members in order to be more productive.
As a person in charge of IT sites, it is important to take into account potential risks. Risk management avoids wasted time and costs that can be avoided if well calculated. The FoxPlan solution guarantees you management by consolidated risks at portfolio level, it is always possible to see the risks carried by the team and the mitigation plans in place

As a General Director, Peter manages project portolios thanks to the key functionnalities offered by FoxPlan : dashboard, planning, workload, budget and risks.


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