Fox Plan : Project Management Software

Consultant business solution 


FoxPlan, a performance serving the challenges of consultants

A strong solution to energize your exchanges, have an easier access to informations and optimize the follow-up of the project. A consultant needs to be operational from the start when putting together a project for a client. FoxPlan offers a collaborative environment that can be initiated in a few clicks.

Choose a piloting mode that is adapted to the ecosystem of your clients

FoxPlan offers you an hybrid mode which enables you to choose either a traditional management or an agile one depending on the context of your client.

Assure data security

With FoxPlan, each environment is siled to assure a strong sate security.

Offer access and easy follow-up to your clients and team members

FoxPlan has put in place computing tools (charter, planning, budget, workload, statement and many other tools) enebling you to communicate with each person taking part in the project.

Aîssa is a consultant. In order to manage the various projects of her clients she needs performant tools that she can use. Thanks to FoxPlan she can optimize the management processus.


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