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Manage your agile project in hybrid mode

Agility at enterprise level

You're a manager of a large enterprise, and you need to be able to see your projects at an agile level, but also at an enterprise level.

Managing a project at an agile level is hard enough, but when you have to take into account the needs of the entire enterprise, it can feel impossible.

FoxPlan is the answer. FoxPlan is an agile project management tool that was built for managers like you. With our tool, you can easily see your projects at both an agile and an enterprise level. This means that you'll never have to sacrifice agility for visibility again.

Scrum and kanban projects

Agile project in kanban or scrum mode

Agility, a powerful method of carrying out and monitoring projects

There are many different ways to manage a project, but the agile method is quickly becoming one of the most popular. Agile project management is all about being flexible and adaptable to change. This means that instead of rigidly following a set plan, you are constantly reassessing and adjusting your approach as new information arises. This can be a challenge at first, but it leads to a more efficient and effective process overall. The agile method is particularly well suited for software development projects, as there is often a lot of uncertainty involved. But it can be used for any type of project, big or small. If you're looking for a more flexible and responsive way to manage your next project, then consider using the agile approach.

Adopt the agile mode to revolutionize the way you deliver projects. Carry out in agile mode the projects with the end customer in an incremental way thanks to kanban or scrum organization.

Planning and Agile

Take height on your agile projects and view schematically on a timescale that can be week, month, year or even multi-year the roadmap of your agile projects. Present a global view of your projects to be presented to the steering committee due to the consolidation of epics. Materialize the dependencies between projects at the ticket level, thus building the sequence of projects.

Allocation of ressources and Agility

Take in account and count resources linked to your project. Follow the cross-function pool of resources that can be appied to cross-functional projects or agile projects. Reserve your ressources on a sprint level or on a global level by task that needs to be accomplished on the long terme. Guarantee availability of your staff thanks to a load plan.

Jira Integration

Manage your project within Jira and interface them with FoxPlan in order to synchronize your activities in FoxPlan. With FoxPlan you can benefit of many advantages in terms of plannification, resource management and budget that are linked with your agile initiatives piloted in Jira.


Kanban mode

In a kanban mode, items are treated as they present themselves.

Scrum mode

In a scrum mode the workload is organise in small cycle or sprints.


Epics offers you a global vision of the functionalities progression on a portfolio level.


Determine the value of your acheivement capacity in point.

Allocation of ressources

Allocate resources dedicated or transverse to your agile project and manage your workload plan for your resources.

Budget management

Manage your budget for each agile project which are linked resource allocation and its average daily rate.

Jira Integration

Benefit of data thanks to Jira which provides an easy and complete way to pilot your portfolio. FoxPlan synchronize itself with Jira.

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