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Optimize the installation of your solution

Why should you choose Saas as a solution?

Saas mode has a multitude of pro characteristics. Indeed, the installation of servers is not necessary, The data are relocated which implies that they are available online, this mode uses a "cloud computing" system. FoxPlan has a solution that respect the higher standards of security among the major market player. Depending on the formula chosen you can benefit from a public cloud or a private cloud.

Why should you choose On-premise as a solution?

The On-premise or on-site implementation mode allows you to prioritize the control of the installation of the solution in your company. Choosing an On-Premise solution allows you to install FoxPlan on your company's internal breach. Your data is not relocated online but remains within your company. The security of the system is then guaranteed by your internal teams. Integration with the rest of your information system through APIs is facilitated. The exchange flows between FoxPlan and your systems pass through the company.

Secure application architecture

FoxPlan provides a secure applicative architecture on up to date security standards (flow, SSL, storage encryption...). The cloud provider that is proposed by our company respect high-quality standards. The different types of accreditation are available on demand.

FoxPlan Support

FoxPlan and its paterns are here to provide various range of solutions that are the most adequat to your business.

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