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A range of open integration

Put in place interfaces with business systems

Choosing FoxPlan is choosing an open solution which integrate itself with your SI. Create an interface FoxPlan with your CRM, your accountability system or HR to assure a good exchange of information. FoxPlan is an open system that offers multiple integration possibilities with your business system. The business integration as well as their security is one of the top priority of our company. Every functionality of FoxPlan can be used on an interface level are exposed through APIs which follows the OpenAPI standards.

Datamart and Business Intelligence

Analyze multiple aspects of your on-going projects in order to optimise monitoring and project management. Build required reports for your company thanks to your preferred BI tools. Access your FoxPlan-managed data using a provided datamart containg all your company data in format that is easier to use. The regrouped data of the datamart are up to date instantely. Tableau, Qlick, Power BI and other solutions enables you to access the datamart in order to analyze more carefully and in a fexibile way your data. These tools are in the hands of your employees.

FoxPlan and its patners support you

FoxPlan supports you in the implementation of its integrations, it also calls on a network of partners specialized by business which is authorized to carry out its integrations.

Integration with Jira and CRM

Interfaces with all of your systems



Connect your system with FoxPlan's APIs which uses sawagger technologies.

SAML and the company's authentication.

Use the company's standart authentication to connect yourself to FoxPlan.


Navigate in your projects data thanks to a datamart provided by FoxPlan.

Jira integration.

Synchronize your agile projects with Jira for an easier synchronization.

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