Fox Plan : Project Management Software


Manage your deliverables, your budget and resources with a consolidated portfolio view

The project portfolio gives you a 360 degree view on your entire project

Group your projects in a portfolio to gain a global vision in terms of organization. Manage and identify projects or programs that requires time and attention and gives you an alert. Arbitrate your project based on strategic criteria, priorities and resources. Make the best decision by maximising your return on investment of your portfolio. Create an annual action plan and perform regular revisions. FoxPlan makes sure that your budget process is easier.

The entirety of your projects are under control

Your portfolio has 3 trypes of projects : :
• traditional
• Kanban agiles
• Scrum agiles

A hybrid project portfolio: Agile + Traditional


Analyze budget

Consolidate your budget on a portfolio level and analyze in an integrated pivot table

Pilot programs

Regroup your programs' content in your portfolio

Consolidate your resource workload

Consolidate your ressource workload into a gobal project portfolio

Manage your projects

Arbitrate your projects on a potfolio level depending on your strategic alignment, budget and available human resources.

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