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FoxPlan, a performance that serves building architects challenges

The coordination of a building site is a meticulous project, which involves many actors. Deadlines are key factor, in order for stakeholders to be contacted at the right time and budgets to be respected.

A strong solution to coordinate your building site between project owners and operations.

Managing and preparing a site to optimize the performance of your building architectural project can often be complex. It consists of entering and following many parameters. For this, it is essential to have a global vision of all projects, resources, planning, ...

Manage all your buildings sites in a portfolio of projects.

FoxPlan building architectural project management solutions allows you to consolidate all of your projects into a single project portfolio. Intervention on different buildings sites becomes organized and structured.

Manage intern and extern teams

FoxPlan allows architects to have a clear vision of all the teams involved in the project.

Manage intern and extern planning

With FoxPlan you have the possibility to manage all the building tasks planned in the schedule in relation to your various sites.

Marc is at the head of a building site. He is accountable to his customers and must involve his suppliers at the right time.


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