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Visualize your project's resources with accuracy

Anticiation of your resources needs

Finally have a tool that enables you to anticipate your project management resource needs. Take into account every necessary resource to your project in order to assure a stable and good unfolding. Manage resources to advance more effectively in your project. Complete the collaborative work with a workload plan which enables you to anticipate and follow the allocation of each team member. Federate the engagement of your team members arround an integrated tool which specifies each members role. Allocate your resources in man.days or percentage of duration according to the commitment on your project. Project human resource management will provide a visibility on workload at enterprise level.

Work remotely

Work with remote resources by having a consolidated view on the entirety of their activities. Dose the load that needs to be distributed between each work members, this will be easier and more factual. Manage transversal expert with the assurance that they will be able to contribute to the entirety of projets they have been affected to.

Consolidate your workload plan at a portfolio level

Analyze the resource load on a portfolio level which enables you to consolidate a new profil, post, team or company. Take notice of the work load of a department in one click.

Workload management at portfolio of resource level

A workload for all resources

Work as a team

FoxPlan is a project and resource management software that helps teams work together more effectively. It provides a centralized platform for team members to share project files, communicate with each other, and track progress. With FoxPlan, teams can stay organized and on track, while reducing the risk of mistakes and misunderstandings.


Planned and actual

Anticipate the allocation of resources thanks to a planification set and follow what has been done with timesheets.

Generic resources.

Manage physical and generic resources at the same time, it represents team members or installations.

Resource calendar.

Manage the availability of your resources through calendars by resource

Up to date charge in real time.

View the updated resource allocation in real time.

Manual or automatic approval of the timesheets.

Approve the timesheets of your weekly resources while respecting the end-of-month closings.

Time off project.

Monitor activities outside of projects (leave, training, illness, etc.)

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