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FoxPlan, the performance that serves the challenges of PMOs

A project requires an important pert of operational skills, it has to be structured, validate and adjust by tasks as the project evolves. The tools are configurated to set up corporate governance and budget management standards.

Project templates.

Multiple project models can be set up by a PMO, he can define the standards of a structured project in the company. These models can lean on standards market methodologies : PMI, CMMI, Prince,...

Lean on analyzing tools.

With FoxPlan the all the data transferred to the de-normalized Datamart with a simple structuring, the PMO will be able, thanks to a BI tool integrated into its IS (Tableau, Qclik, PowerBI, MicroStrategy,...) to produce the entirety of the reports adapted to the structure of the company. We will then find in this datamart all the planning, budget, resources, risks, ... It then becomes easy to perform the most complex extractions (Ex: the burden of external resources working on an investment project).

Manage different types of projects

FoxPlan offers you an ideal solution for an optimal management. The solution that we provide will enable PMOs to manage traditional or agile (with kanban or scrum) projects in an integrated way. Dashboard reports integrate all projects in a unified and coherent view.

Thomas is project management officer (PMO). He creates dashboards, analyzes cumulative resource load and budget gap. In order to do so he uses in house Business Inteligence tools.


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