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The instauration of remote working due to the on-going global health pandemic has implemented multiple changes towards the corporate world as much as on the level of the organisation of the company and on the multiple intern factors that participate to it. Remote control has been a great challenge for each company, the fact that the environment keeps on changing due to the pandemic is very frustrating. Previous working method became non-applicable because the great majority of the work must be dealt with from home, thanks to new methods.

The use of new tools to control the load on your resources is essential in today's world. Indeed, resource management has a direct impact on the efficiency of the control of your project. A bad management of your resources can compromise you initial plan. It is very important to use the right tools. FoxPlan offers you to control the load of your resources remotely under the best possible conditions. For the project to work, of course there has to be teamwork. A good teamwork and management are the foundation of any project. However, There are limits to teamwork that could harm the project in question if not resolved as soon as possible. FoxPlan has put in place a system which takes care of managing the workload schedule of the whole team in order to avoid miscommunication and to establish a good working environment which increases the motivation of each person having a role on the project as well as their involvement. Thanks to this system, the responsibilities of each team member are well defined and can be adjusted depending on the evolution of your project in man.days or in percent of the duration. Human, financial, time, technical, legal and material resources are equally important and require solid organization and management.

This functionality enables you to have a better vision on your resources and a capacity analysis allowing to better frame your project thanks to calendars and timesheets. These tools enables you to have an overview of the availability of each other while visualizing the capacity of each resource on different scales. This professional IT solution, detailed and synthetic at the same time, aims to optimize your productivity to the maximum of your capacities.
The management of the resource capacity plan can be done on agile projects as well as traditional projects. PMOs (Project Management Office) will appreciate the implementation of resource portfolios that allow the capacity of a pool of resources to be managed by profile or by role.

Foxplan offers you a complete solution to manage your resources efficiently and remotely ! For more information:

FoxPlan a complete enterprise solution

FoxPlan is a major player in the management of business solutions. As a project management solution editor, FoxPlan has invested many hours with its clients to understand and develop a solution that meets their needs. Thanks to active R&D, FoxPlan has developed a solution with a simple and ergonomic interface allowing project managers and scrum masters of various profiles to manage in the same portfolio traditional projects in cascade, in agile mode, simple collaborative tasks. or a mixes. Managing a portfolio of projects has never been so complete and easy as with FoxPlan.
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