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New version: interface get a makeover, notification and portfolio roadmap

Gantt project management
August 31, 2022

Gantt and Kanban get a makeover

More ergonomic, more efficient and more practical, the new version of the gantt project manager is available on foxplan.
The kanban has also undergone significant ergonomic improvements.

Kanban project

Notifications to the resource in charge of a task

As soon as you assign a task to a resource ("in charge" field), the person will receive an email indicating this assignment.
The resource in charge of a task also inherits new rights: such as the possibility to comment or change the status of a task, even if they only have a contributor licence. This allows contributors to also collaborate on projects.

Task owner notification

Portfolio roadmap view: opening of parent tasks in the gantt

The roadmap view is a synthetic view allowing to visualize a gantt displaying the main projects/milestones of a project portfolio.
It is now possible to click on a parent to fold/unfold, which allows the daughter tasks of the projects to be viewed, and thus to alternate between a high-level and a more localised view. Thanks to this feature, it is possible to dispense with the "left" part of the gantt.

delivery milestones (project roadmap)

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