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The year 2020 has been challenging for most companies across the world. The global health pandemic of the coronavirus affected many activity areas which disturbed the whole organization of each company. The establishment of an almost total lockdown pushed companies to review their teams management by installing remote work. This unknown way of working became one of the most common way of working for most people in order to face this global pandemic.

However remote work, being a brand-new method, various companies were faced with troubles linked with the capacity of each person on their team. Indeed, it is becoming more and more difficult to perceive the capacity of each to execute a task. A lack of anticipation can be harmful to the whole project because your task may not be accomplished in time and cause serious delays. Most companies who were faced to the unknown were shaken and had to suddenly adapt themselves to the situation. Some companies didn’t survive it.

The need of consolidation of the estimation of the amount of work depending on skills but also the expertise of each person is one of the priorities that the company should consider. The optimisation of productivity is very difficult with these new conditions. The work capacity of each person is different. Indeed, everyone has a different view and way of working which makes it difficult to view the advancement of the project unclear. It is obviously essential to target the capacities of each other in order to progress. FoxPlan is proposing a reliable and easy solution to have a precise vision of the progress of each ressources thanks to a schedule that takes into account the capacity of each of them, the time allocated for each tasks and actuals.

The solution proposed by FoxPlan will help you define a work plan in the short run. On the long run, FoxPlan will propose a strategic resources allocation plan. A better view on the work plan will enable you to list your goals for the entire year. This method will help you make sure that you can fulfil these goals depending on your resources. FoxPlan will become your favourite tool to manage and allocate your company’s resources.

FoxPlan a complete enterprise solution

FoxPlan is a major player in the management of business solutions. As a project management solution editor, FoxPlan has invested many hours with its clients to understand and develop a solution that meets their needs. Thanks to active R&D, FoxPlan has developed a solution with a simple and ergonomic interface allowing project managers and scrum masters of various profiles to manage in the same portfolio traditional projects in cascade, in agile mode, simple collaborative tasks. or a mixes. Managing a portfolio of projects has never been so complete and easy as with FoxPlan.
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