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The 7 sins of project management 


The 7 sins that hold you back from successful project management. FoxPlan is here to help you get rid of it.

A hastily prepared schedule :

The basic to establish a project is a planning. An accomplished project requires to be readable, clear, precise and detailed. The preparation of it can take time but is essential to the smooth functioning of the project.

An irregular reporting :

Internal and external communication must not be neglected. Indeed, negative and positive opinions from each person enables an optimal evolution of the project while keeping in mind the various ideas of each and sharing the difficulties that one may occur. The non-coordination of your team has consequences on the progress of your project and creates significant delays depending on your imposed deadlines.

Having a confused view of the deliverables :

Having a global vision of the aspects of the current project makes it possible to perceive the importance of the different tasks in relation to each other. This vision enables you to manage your resources and determine the eventual risks. Indeed, the narrow or approximative view of the project increases the risk of significant losses for your business.

Non-accounting of potential risks :

Various risks are linked to project management, there are often hard to perceive. The use of suitable computer tools are necessary in order to identify a large majority of them. Indeed, neglecting these potential risk management item may be fatal in terms of cost for your business.

A reduced vision on each task :

In a company each person plays an important role towards the progress of a project. Knowing who works on which task allows good coordination between each member. A full vision enables you to manage your project in an optimal way.

No budget on your portfolio :

Every project needs a rough estimation of its budget. This estimation is the key to a good organisation of resources, labor and planning. Without this budget, you can’t establish a solid project because the absence of it has a huge impact on the project itself.

FoxPlan a complete enterprise solution

FoxPlan is a major player in the management of business solutions. As a project management solution editor, FoxPlan has invested many hours with its clients to understand and develop a solution that meets their needs. Thanks to active R&D, FoxPlan has developed a solution with a simple and ergonomic interface allowing project managers and scrum masters of various profiles to manage in the same portfolio traditional projects in cascade, in agile mode, simple collaborative tasks. or a mixes. Managing a portfolio of projects has never been so complete and easy as with FoxPlan.
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